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oil & gas

FASBA company with the experience and technical knowledge in the fields of automation systems, SCADA and analysis tools, provide the capability to offer comprehensive solutions in the field of digital oil and gas fields, oil and gas pipelines, oil and gas refineries, petrochemical industry and small and medium-sized plant.

power grid

Technical and expert team of FASBA has done so many projects in the field of electrical networks and offer various projects involving network studies, design, optimization, SCADA, etc. The company aims to meet the needs of this field with design and production of native applications DPAT-Grid and DPAT-Distribution

power plant

Regarding in-growth needs for power electricity, Implementation and optimization of protection system for power plants is and critical part for every power plant. To make implementing this systems easy and accurate, DPAT-PowerPlant software has been developed by FASBA company to calculate all compatible settings for protection system.




FASBA company with technical knowledge and expertise with the aim to meet the modern technological requirements in various industries identified the problems, weaknesses and needs in the field of engineering services related to the electricity network, such as network studies, design and optimization Protection systems and procurement and implementation of industrial automation and SCADA systems.


About Fasba

FASBA company according to its technical knowledge established to meet the requirements for modern technologies in various industries and to identify problems, weaknesses and neediness of the power, Oil & Gas and electrified Railway Industries. In each of the these areas, we can provide engineering, procurement and construction services related to power system studies, design and optimization of protection systems and also industrial process automation and SCADA systems. 
Research and developing localized and specialized software packages for analytical studies is one the main activities of FASBA to meet industry’s requirement which has been used in several projects and has good feedbacks.

Railway Industry

Implementing power systems in railway industry is one of the main and critical part for any projects.

FASBA considering its technical capabilities can manage this systems as an Engineering, Procurement and Construction project.

Latest News

Fasba Technical Training Department

FASBA company in order to increase knowledge of technical experts in Power, Oil & Gas and petrochemical industries hold training courses and seminars in Tehran or in place of the client’s premises. Professional course of protection for power grids is one of our main courses has been held for Iran Grid Management company and all 17 regional electric utilities and also for many of oil and gas nd petrochemical companies which had an effective role in increasing efficiency of their protection engineers for relay setting calculation and coordination.

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