Pioneer & Dynamic In Energy Industries



In industrial networks calculation for setting of motor relays, transformers and industrial feeders between plant and sub-transmission feeders considered.

Basic setting for different parameters of relays of Impedance, differentials, …. Calculated using DPAT-Industrial. Finally this settings converted to relays vendor specific tables using CCSR to be implemented on relays.

In terms of evaluation and validation settings for relays in DPAT one notable instance, the possibility of data collection existing settings of relays in the specified forms or extraction settings by application relays, such as software Digsy in Siemens relays, MiCOM-S1 in ALSTOM relays, CAP in ABB relays, SFT in Schneider relays and … , then transferring it to the simulated network by prepared tools and check the coordination and verify their settings. This issue is one of the features and capabilities that brings considerable influence on the speed and accuracy of protection studies and evaluation of the current state of network security.