Pioneer & Dynamic In Energy Industries

Mission :

  • Creation of specialized teams to become one of the best consulting firms in each of the following areas:
  • LV & HV Designing of substation & power plants
  • Planning and operation of the power transmission system 
  • Transmission protection and industrial electricity grid, oil and gas
  • Quality improving of power plants operation and  protection systems
  • Design and operation studies for electrified railway networks 
  • Operation optimization in industrial electrical networks
  • Online monitoring systems of power system dispatching centers 
  • Online monitoring systems of  power system power plants
  • Consultant studies of disperse generation power plants
  • Development of technical study software tools needed in various power industry sectors
  • Creation of specialized executive teams for implementation of consultant results & protection systems
  • Transferring technical knowledge to Industrial experts,by holding technical training courses
  • Engineering, Procurement and construction of SCADA, Telemetry and industrial control systems

Vision :

  • To become a world class Company in the field of Power Systems Analysis and Industrial automation systems (transmission, railway, Oil, gas, and industrial networks) in the Middle East